One-on-one assessment by Certified Professional:

✎ Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

✎ Gifted and Talented Test

Testing is followed by suggestions for improvement.

✎ Gifted and Talented Test Preparation (4- to 8-year-old children)

✎ Early Start: Gifted and Talented Test Preparation for 3-year-old children

✎ Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

✎ Creative Science, based on STEM principles, for 2- to 5-year-old children

✎ Comprehensive Thinking Development for 2-year-old children

✎ SSAT Test Preparation for 5th graders.



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If you are a parent or a grandparent, you definitely note how smart and special is your child. You observe how creative this little person is. Sometimes you especially admire your child's savvy, ingenuity, and imagination.

We believe that kids are born brilliant. The goal of the Brilliant Kids NYC program is a comprehensive development of a child's mind and its hidden resources. Specially developed learning tools stimulate your child's logical, creative, and scientific thinking. We support our curriculum by elements of OLSAT, NNAT2, and Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test, in order to apply the best way of development and special approach to each and every child.

Our curriculum rigorously prepares young students to the Gifted and Talented test. Children enjoy learning that is a fun game and exciting adventure for them.

Specially adjusted curriculum is developed for 2-year-old children. These youngest learners start academic journey as a chain of fun activities that comprehensively develop their logical thinking, verbal, fine, and gross motor skills. They never realize that every academic element of this learning is initial test preparation.

We care about your child's health and comfort, that's why choice of movement activities is implemented in each lesson's structure.

Program Features & Benefits:

Academic sessions include periods of movement learning activity:
A lesson structure that allow a chid to acquire information intensively and stay focused.

Small groups:
Individualized attention to each child. 6 children per class.

Research- and experience-based curriculum:
Directed on finding a unique approach to each and every child's learning style.

Regular communication with parents through email:
Getting your questions answered promptly.
Being advised about learning process.

Thoroughly developed materials and suggestions for homework:
Strengthen child's learning at home.