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Pattern Completion

Dear parents,
During G&T classes your children participate in academic learning and a wide range of activities and games related to the test prep. Besides weekly homework assignment, we suggest to purchase a couple of workbooks for practicing at home. These books are available on Amazon for a reasonable price. Here are the links:

NNAT2 For Age 3

NNAT2 For Age 4

OLSAT For Age 3

OLSAT and NNAT2 For Ages 3 and 4

OLSAT For Age 4

Dear parents,
NYC DOE announced that students currently in pre-K through second grade can apply to Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs by taking the G&T test in January 2019.
If you'd like to have your child tested, just visit , create an account with your email address, and schedule the test! You can also schedule your child's test in person at a Family Welcome Center or at your child's current public school. The deadline to sign up to test is November 9, 2018.

Structure and details.

The Gifted and Talented Test consists of two parts. One part is the nonverbal items from the NNAT-2 (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test, 2nd Edition) and another is a verbal test items from the OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test).

  1. The 48 NNAT-2 questions measure reasoning skills without the use of spoken language. Child perform tasks such as completing patterns, sequencing, and connecting ideas in order to demonstrate an understanding of relationships and an ability to solve problems.
  2. The 30 OLSAT questions measure reasoning and comprehension skills that require child to pay close attention and listen carefully to oral instructions. The assessment includes tasks such as detecting likenesses and differences, recalling words and numbers, defining words, following directions, establishing sequence, and solving arithmetic problems.

There is no time limitation for taking the test, but it usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

All the test questions are multiple-choice. Child's answers of both parts of the test are combined and machine-scored between 1 and 99.

Well, we got the test scores. What's next?

All the students who took the test will get test results in the Spring (usually by the end of April). If your child gets score 90 or above, you will get G&T application to apply for the placement at New York G&T (Gifted and Talented) programs.

If the score is 89 or lower, you can register for taking test next school year. Children who attend Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1 st Grade, or 2 nd Grade, are eligible for taking the test. In 2019, kids who were born in 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 will be eligible to take G&T test.

If your child got score 90-96, he/she is eligible to apply for the District G&T programs. These programs give an admission priority to students who live in particular school district. This programs are located in number of district elementary schools, Kindergarten through 5 th Grade. Students in these programs attend G&T classes in major of subject areas, but may share classes such as music and physical education with the students who are not in G&T program.

If your child got score 97-99, he/she is also eligible to apply for the Citywide G&T Programs that are schoolwide. All the students in these schools are in G&T program, and all the areas of study are designed for G&T. However, many of these schools limits admissions to children who score in the 99 th percentile.

The following are citywide programs:

We start classes very soon and invite you to visit this page throughout the year for getting an ongoing information and printable practice worksheets.

Meanwhile there is some information about a registration for taking the Gifted and Talented test. The registration will start in October as soon as NYC DOE announce that registration is open. I believe that the way to be advised immediately is to subscribe to the DOE Gifted & Talented email list to learn exactly when and how to sign your child up to the test:
These year, 2018, kids who were born in 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 are eligible for registering for the G&T testing.