To Logic Through Imagination

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what my child learns at the program?

You will be provided with the highlights of the curriculum. You will receive child's classwork at the time of pick up. Also, 3-year-old and older kids will receive homework assignments at the end of each day classes.

Who are the teachers?

All the Brilliant Kids NYC's teachers have proven experience and get high results in preparing children for the Gifted and Talented test, Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, SSAT, and Standardized Tests (Math, ELA, Science). Besides outstanding experience and high education level (MS, MA, PhD) they pass special training and assessment that confirms their skills and professionalism.

What if my child misses classes?

Classwork and homework assignments for missed days will be given you the day when child comes back to the program.

What kind of learning materials do you use?

We use materials that thoroughly developed and created by the program. We also use limited number of commercial printed materials for the homework assignments. Their price is included in tuition fee.

How do you accommodate lesson content to each child's level of understanding?

Our approach is based on researches and theories of Early Childhood Education and Childhood Education, understanding of children's multiple intelligence and different learning styles, as well as on years of experience teaching young kids.