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What the parents are saying...


I am so excited to share our happiness with you! My son got 94 overall. Thank you!!!
Sandra Le - Bronx, NY, US

Thank you for the wonderful pictures!!! My daughter loves the class and you ladies! Thank you for all the teaching and dedication you give each one of the kids! I am so happy that she is part of this program!
Y M - Riverdale, NY, US

We got good news! My daughter is accepted to The Bay Academy for Arts and Science after taking private lessons with Michael Ruvinshteyn. He tutored her in coding, OLSAT, and mathematics. Thank you, Michael, for your work!
Oksana Tsvetkova - Brooklyn, NY, US

My daughter had a great experience with Brilliant Kids NYC G&T test prep. She enjoyed classes and loved her teachers. Practice testing assessed her strength and weaknesses and we found it very helpful. She passed the test and we are going to sign for the Reading and STEM session.
Margarette Levine - New York, NY, US

93! Very happy! Will enroll my 2.5-year-old.
Christina Rodriguez - New York, NY, US

We got 97. Thank you for your exceptional work!
Nancy Murphy - New York, NY, US

I met the founder of Brilliant Kids NYC years ago when she ran her first program in Brooklyn, taught classes by herself, and the program didn't bear this fancy name yet. My son got 97 on Gifted and Talented test, but I would like to also tell about the lessons that led him to this score. My moody child couldn't wait to attend them. There were plenty of thoughtfully chosen development tools and materials. My child's brain absorbed a lot of information like a sponge and I'm still wondering how the teacher was able to do that. The groups were small and she found a time to work individually with each child every single lesson. I have to tell you that it's just amazing. I recommend this program with all my heart.
Nina Rogov - Brooklyn, NY, US

We always had a hard time focusing our son to learn tasks at home. Since he started to attend Brilliant Kids, I see big changes. He likes to do his homework worksheets. He shows me the right answers and explains why he had chosen particular picture, and not another one. That's awesome. I will enroll my little one too.
Ruth Blanch - Fort Lee, NJ, US

I felt skeptical about enrolling my just-turned-three son to the Gifted and Talented Test Prep. Well, my wife had another opinion, so we did. I was surprised to see results from the very beginning. I saw my child growing in logic reasoning amazingly fast for his young age. This program's team really know what they do.
Jack Connelly - New York, NY, US

We got 99!!! Yes!!!!!
David Rozen - New York, NY, US

I like not just the huge amount of math and logic comprehension my daughter got from the lessons, but also a warm friendly atmosphere in the program. Teachers are very positive and patient with children, and parents, as well. I see that my child receives individual attention. She is excited about classes and willingly going there. I also very much appreciate that lessons are divided into small parts followed by movement and fun. I know that placement spots are filling fast, thus we enrolled for the entire year. I definitely recommend this program.
Natalie Furmanov - Brooklyn, NY, US

My child has learned so much from these lessons. The first couple of weeks he started at Brilliant Kids, we saw him acquiring new thinking skills and a growing understanding of logical tasks. He loved his teacher and talked about her and about the new things he learned. We definitely will enroll for the next year. Thank you for your wonderful job!
Kimberly Boldman - New York, NY, US